Armando Villorin

Armando Villorin - shutterstock_21834751Armando started his clubbing days in 1977 where his first club experience was a teen Disco called In The Bush in Tropical Skating ring on Bird Road. His first adult club was the Mutiny where, even though he was underage, the resident DJ was Jorge Fleites which was a family friend. At 16, he was frequenting Ronnie’s by the airport, and Hunter’s Lounge in Miami Springs. That was his Wednesday night itinerary. On Thursday’s  was My Place on 8th Street, Friday’s he was a local at Gambit’s & Manhattan’s, and Saturday’s at Backstreets. Manhattans was where he had some of his best times, but Casanova’s was one of the best music experience.

Alexander’s & Cats, in his opinion, were the higher class clubs, which  he claimed as his favorite on Saturday nights. He met George Michaels at Cats and had a great experience with him. Frank Diaz, one of the owners from Pantera productions was speaking to George Michaels about doing some production  here in Miami.

I feel Love, from the Queen of Disco Donna Summer was his favorite song.  Anything Donna Summer was always in his tapes in his car.

He saw Grace Jones at Casanovas where he witnessed Grace whipping the audience. Grace Jones was escorted out of Casanovas. He also experienced in Casanovas Madonna being booed and having objects thrown at her during her first appearance. Armando remembers Madonna saying, “You will remember me, & I will be back”. Other acts that he saw in different clubs were YMCA, the Village People! Abba, Tavares, Frankie Smith, France Joli, Paul Lekakis & many more.

Armando enjoyed the music best from the Copa, Backstreets & Casanova’s.