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Cerrone, the disco pioneer you’ve probably never heard of | Music | The Guardian

 Marc Cerrone (right). Matthew Horton When Daft Punk used Random Access Memories to give Nile Rodgers a new lease of life and reintroduce Giorgio Moroder to his natural constituency, one influential disco legend was left wondering whether his invitation might have got lost in the post, especially since he is also French. Still, Marc Cerrone may be… Read more »

Evelyn Thomas

I started singing at age seven and then at age 13, I joined a band led by a Mr. Williams. (I looked like I was 18, so I was able to perform in a local bar.). The songs I sang included music by Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight and the Pips, The Four Tops, Ertha Kitt,… Read more »

Alex Gutierrez

Back in 1975, I walked into a party and spotted a guy in the corner of the room, playing records. I was amazed that he had two record players going at the same time. So instead of dancing and hanging out with my friends, I stood next to that guy all night, studying his every… Read more »