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Ricky D Rio

My first amateur performance as a DJ was in 1980 at Flannigan’s on 163rd Street and US 1. After that I joined the U.S. Air Force and did broadcasting and DJ work at the NCO Club during my stay at Tucson, AZ. (I was only there for a year.) I had just turned 18 and… Read more »

Pete Denis

I had the pleasure of interviewing a true veteran in the field of DJing in Miami in not only the 80’s but also the 70’s, Mr. Pete Denis. He has been inducted into three Disco Deejay Halls Of Fame, He is a “Certified” Disco Historian. I picked him up and traveled towards an early dinner,… Read more »

Alex Gutierrez

Back in 1975, I walked into a party and spotted a guy in the corner of the room, playing records. I was amazed that he had two record players going at the same time. So instead of dancing and hanging out with my friends, I stood next to that guy all night, studying his every… Read more »