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Alex Gutierrez

Back in 1975, I walked into a party and spotted a guy in the corner of the room, playing records. I was amazed that he had two record players going at the same time. So instead of dancing and hanging out with my friends, I stood next to that guy all night, studying his every… Read more »

Jay “D-JAY” Gelfand

The story of my start in the business is a sick one, literally. I visited DJ John Devir at JW’s West on December 29, 1977, when he told me he had a double ear infection and was barely able to hear. Because he couldn’t find anyone to substitute for him on New Year’s Eve, he… Read more »

Manrique Alonso

Rique (aka “Billy Bob”) Alonso’s DJ career began innocently enough when in 1975 one of his best friends at the time, Jorge Arritola, turned to him while on their way to a popular record store in Hialeah and asked him if he wanted to be a DJ.  Rique turned and casually said…. sure.  He and… Read more »