DJ Felix Chinea


DJ Felix Chinea is known today as one of the best private DJ’s around. He is a master at Disco tunes, and is very current with today’s music as well. The demand for his services is overwhelming and extremely enjoyed by everyone who hears his mixes. DJ Felix has been in the industry since 1975 when he fixed a mixer in High School.

His DJ career was developed by being at the right place at the right time. They say timing is everything and it was for DJ Felix. He started by doing parties here and there, then in 1979 he joined Bo Cranes record pool. He chose to learn more about the industry by studying broadcasting at MDCC. Later, DJ Felix found himself in-love with the business and most of all music. He worked at WINZ / Zeta 4 where he was a Control Engineer.

His career was furthered when he became Lewis Martine’s backup at Big Daddy’s in Hialeah and at Flanigan’s South which is originally known as Level 3, later in the 80′s it became Infinity’s. One day in Flanigans South, DJ Felix’s caught the eye of Jay Gelfand, he was so impressed with Felix that he hired him as his backup as well. Jay eventually left Flanigan’s Speak Easy to work at Big Daddys (Commercial Blvd). Felix then became the resident DJ at Flanigans Speak Easy. After his big break there he remained at Flanigans until it became Mardi Grass.

Then he furthered his career and went to Marco Polo’s Bennetts Disco. By this time he was going live on I-95 radio providing disco mixes. Soon DJ Felix found himself in Ft. Lauderdale working at Studio 51 where you experienced the best light show in South Florida. After studio 51 Felix worked at Hotel Carillon, the club was Tiffany’s in Collins on the Beach. Don Cox, also known as Cox on the Radio, was influencial in him getting the job at Tiffany’s.

DJ Felix steadily worked in the 1990’s playing private clubs and events, which is what he continues to do to this day.

Interviewed by Wilson Alvarez