Manrique Alonso

Rique (aka “Billy Bob”) Alonso’s DJ career began innocently enough when in 1975 one of his best friends at the time, Jorge Arritola, turned to him while on their way to a popular record store in Hialeah and asked him if he wanted to be a DJ.  Rique turned and casually said…. sure.  He and… Read more »

Lewis Martine


DJ Felix Chinea


DJ Felix Chinea is known today as one of the best private DJ’s around. He is a master at Disco tunes, and is very current with today’s music as well. The demand for his services is overwhelming and extremely enjoyed by everyone who hears his mixes. DJ Felix has been in the industry since 1975… Read more »

Five Hundred Russians Hold Outdoor Disco in Minus 50 Degree Weather / Sputnik International

About 500 residents in the region of Sakha, Russia, gathered for a dance party in -50 degree weather on Saturday night. MOSCOW, January 25 (Sputnik) — An estimated 500 residents of Srednekolmynsk in Russia’s northern Siberian region of Sakha (Yakutia) staged a disco dance party in bone-chilling minus 50 degree weather on Saturday night, the local media have reported. Organizers created an… Read more »