Cerrone, the disco pioneer you’ve probably never heard of | Music | The Guardian

 Marc Cerrone (right). Matthew Horton When Daft Punk used Random Access Memories to give Nile Rodgers a new lease of life and reintroduce Giorgio Moroder to his natural constituency, one influential disco legend was left wondering whether his invitation might have got lost in the post, especially since he is also French. Still, Marc Cerrone may be… Read more »

Scott Talarico

Born 12-22-1950 in Sewickley Pa. (Suburb of Pittsburgh), a drummer from birth, instead of doing his homework in his room he would practice playing the drums on a few books and a set of chop sticks to portable transistor FM Radio. At age 15 he played in a local rock bands with some of the best… Read more »

Giorgio Moroder – Grammy Award Winner

Being a huge fan of Giorgio, I wanted to make sure to promote his new creation, somewhat of what is being called now “Nu Disco”. When Italian born Giovanni Giorgio was 15 years old, he was already playing guitar. That’s when he found out about his passion for music, and he wanted to make it… Read more »