Jimmie E. Disco

It was a bright sunny day… Jimmie & I sat and had a candid conversation about the early days in Disco in Miami.  This interview was special to me since there was a lot of history that I lived through him. Jimmie’s first gig as a DJ was in his Dad’s business in Detroit, where… Read more »

Ciro Llerena

What I thought was going to be a simple 30 minute interview turned into a 5 hour lunch, story telling, reminiscing and just a fantastic time with one of our very own living legends from the 80′s music industry. This is Ciro’s story. He  started as a DJ at age 13 when he began hanging… Read more »

Iliana Reyes

I learned my disco moves at Jimmy E’s disco at Salon Azul on 8th Street. I was there every Sunday from 1977 onward. The Miami Sound Machine, featuring Gloria Estefan and her cousin, regularly played there. The first disco song I remember was “The Hustle” by the Van McCoys. I remember that “The Hustle” was… Read more »