Manrique Alonso

Rique (aka “Billy Bob”) Alonso’s DJ career began innocently enough when in 1975 one of his best friends at the time, Jorge Arritola, turned to him while on their way to a popular record store in Hialeah and asked him if he wanted to be a DJ.  Rique turned and casually said…. sure.  He and… Read more »

DJ Wil

My name is Wilson Alvarez, I have the honor & privilidge of interviewing many incredible DJ’s from the great days of the 80′s in Miami, thank you for stopping by. I started off  DJing by coincidence in the very early 80′s. I was always exposed to the music that my brother Tom would play, ranging from Alec Costandinos, Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Space,… Read more »