Giorgio Moroder – Grammy Award Winner

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Being a huge fan of Giorgio, I wanted to make sure to promote his new creation, somewhat of what is being called now “Nu Disco”.

When Italian born Giovanni Giorgio was 15 years old, he was already playing guitar. That’s when he found out about his passion for music, and he wanted to make it big in that industry. He came from a humble family and he saw his chances of that not being a reality. When he finished his studies, he became a musician and he saw somewhat of a chance of him making it big.  Once he freed his mind about the concept of harmony and music being correct, he was able to do whatever he wanted to do without being judged, he just went for it. He wanted to compose music, not just play music which is where he started over at Oasis Records. That record company eventually became a part of Casablanca Records.  While in Germany in 1969, he experienced the Discotheques. He used to sing 1 set, 7 to 8 songs at clubs for 30 minutes. After the shows, Giorgio would sleep in his car because he didn’t want to drive home late. He did that for 2 years for a living since he was in survival mode then. Giorgio wanted to make an album with the sounds of the 50’s, 60’s and the future.  This is when the synthesizer came to play. He mastered it and created masterpieces. His first claim to fame was Donna Summer’s I Feel Love. He also did other projects with ELO, Elton John, Queen, France Joli, Blondie, Madleen Kane & others.

One More Time…

After a small hiatus, Giorgio has come back in a big way. Giorgio has been working with Daft Punk as a collaborator on their 2013 release album, Random Access Memories. Giorgio was a big fan of Daft Punk prior to working with them.